A scheduling experience that you will love to use

canUmeet is an appointment scheduling platform that provides a powerful set of features to add provide a great booking experience to your customers on any website.

Versatile meeting templates for all your needs.

1-on-1 Bookings

Allow customers to pick individual timeslots with you.

Group Booking

Allow multiple customers to pick the same timeslot.


Calendar Integration

Works seamlessly with your Google Calendar, Outlook and Office 365 calendar so you never get double bookings

Connect with your existing app

Integrate with Mailchimp, Google Contacts, Slack, Wordpress and many tools which you already use.

Embeddable Widget

Embed canUmeet widget in your website to avail booking service to your customer.

Out-of-the-box configuration

Soup to nuts, why canUmeet is a win for your personal & business growth.

Online Booking

Let your clients' book events or appointments with you through a customized booking page from any computer or mobile device.

Buffer times

Control how much time between bookings is needed.

Appointment Reminder

Stay ahead of the game and get notified anytime a new meeting is scheduled, re-scheduled or cancelled.

Email Reminders & Confirmation

Never miss your scheduled appointments, hot-prospect meetings, client-demos or calls again.

Analytics & Reporting

With our app analytics, learn how your booking page is performing and where traffic is coming from.

Embeddable widget

Embed the canUmeet widget into your website to offer a booking service to your customers.

Customizable Branding

Easily customize your booking page to reflect the same branding appeal as your website or store.

Timezone detection

canUmeet automatically detects and takes care of scheduling timezone

Collect Payment

Accept payments from your customers using Stripe before appointments or meetings.

Have a feature request in your mind?

If there are any feature or enhancement request you would like to share with us or want us to provide you detailed explanation on available features, feel free to drop us a line at support@canumeet.com

Start using canUmeet now

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